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Hear what parents say about Camp Ponacka.

The Importance of a One-Month Experience

At first the thought of 4 weeks away sounded like a really long time for our “little boys” but once there it is clear why this is an essential part of the Ponacka program.  

Picture any holiday – usually a week, if you are lucky two – it takes several days to wind down at the beginning to get to enjoy time away, then several more to wind back up at the end to prepare to get back to the “real world”. Not really much time to actually enjoy and get much from the time away. Time really does fly when you are having fun. Ponacka gives the boys the gift of 4 weeks to really make the most of their experience.  Not only do they get to completely settle in, being comfortable with the routines, make their tent/cabin their home and get to really know the people around them, but they also get to truly develop new skills in activities that simply can’t get done in any shorter period of time. They have time to go on a real canoe trip into the wilderness, play a meaningful season of PHL, and earn entire swimming levels, and high level canoeing, riding and sailing levels. Most importantly though, 4 weeks gives the boys the time and space to truly develop their independence, social skills, self esteem, and make true friends for life. Our boys have both been at Ponacka for over 10 years.  We can’t imagine a better experience in their lives any other way.

Kim Morrison

Camp Doctor, 2007-2016

Kim with sons Aaron and Corey

Thank you (a thousand times over) for taking care of our boys. I truly feel blessed that they are part of the Ponacka family and I am certain that their camp experiences will shape the men they will become and colour their lives forever.
Smith-McLoud Family

Toronto, Canada

Anne & Don thank you so much for this opportunity for Ethan. He learned so much and came home with a greater sense of responsibility for his actions and chores. Ethan made lot’s of great memories and would be happy to return.

Kris Landry

Toronto, Canada

Camp has taught my boys empathy, compassion, self-reliance, organizational skills, problem solving, leadership…and the list goes on!

Anne Keddie

Toronto, Canada

Your formula works… as I never imagined my son to be so resilient, and brave. You are an amazing team and I can’t begin to tell you how blessed I feel to have crossed paths with you and your wonderful boys. Happy off season, I can only imagine what a huge difference it must be not having 200 boys singing at meal times with you.  It’s certainly left my son singing.

Netty & Parker

Toronto, Ontario

He asks every other morning to go to Ponacka! He grew spiritually, socially and appreciated the values of the camp. The staff are so respectful, professional and understanding of what it means to be a 9 year old boy. Ponacka is a very special camp.


Toronto, Ontario

Mateo’s enthusiasm for camp is heartwarming. He loves the activities and the opportunity to make new friends of all ages. Mateo speaks with passion about his camp experiences and we can see how much he has learned and blossomed. Today he spent the morning making gorp with Nolan and delivering it to friends and neighbours. He is a true Ponackian.

Shelley Moretti

Toronto, Canada

I am beginning to understand the strategy behind Ponacka. This strategy serves as a model for building communities and for developing self-esteem. From the youngest camper to Counselor in Training to Junior Counselor to Camp Director, one boy passes on to another boy activity skills, interpersonal and organizational abilities as if passing on a baton in a marathon. This has been an extraordinary maturing process and motivating model for my son, besides a lot of fun for him too.

Elizabeth Montclair

New Jersey, USA

A very excited Christopher came home from school last week exclaiming how his Science class started a new unit on Eco-systems and how confident he was with the majority of what was introduced, as it was information he learned during his time at the Ponacka habitat area! He was beaming from ear to ear, conveying how impressed his teacher was at his knowledge. It was a very good day for that young man – and we have his time at Ponacka to thank for that.


Stratford, Ontario

We asked our children for the best thing in 2015. The boys both replied (without missing a beat) “CAMP!”

Kathryn Kirby

California, USA