2017 Testimonials

Hear what parents say about Camp Ponacka.

As the stories unfold, it always astounds me how so much living can be packed into one month. Thank you for fostering and supporting Murray’s  individual interests and providing such a warm and caring environment. Murray can’t wait for next year.

Tine Schaffer

Calgary, Canada

My son loves camp and could live there forever.

Kelly Small

Wallingford, USA

Our thanks for another wonderful year! Evan truly loves it at camp. Trying to convince him he can’t go for 2 months next summer!

Richard Lee

Burlington, Canada

Thank you for helping Henry with his first camp experience. We are grateful that he had so much fun, despite the rainy weather! May he have many happy summers to follow.

Jane Langford

Toronto, Canada

We were very impressed with the family atmosphere and the incredibly experienced counsellors. Bjorn had an amazing Canadian Camp experience as we had hoped.

Kate Eidsvik

Lafayette, USA

We love the independence that Ponacka fosters. Luke returned from camp having gained confidence in his ability to take care of himself and his ability to make friends. He felt very accepted and safe there. And he had so much fun every moment!

Chloe Dirksen

Sag Harbor, USA

I love camp in every way. You don’t have to change anything. Camp Ponacka is the best place on earth.


July Camper 2017

Camp Ponacka has  become a “must do” for William. He loves it. He wears his PHL hoodie regularly with pride and is happy to tell people what it stands for. Such a great place for my boys. Thank you for another great summer. Boys rate all food compared to Ponacka. “Food at Ponacka is better!”

Christine van der Weg

Midland, Canada

Benjamin loves the variety of activities and has found many people, young and old, with whom he has formed connections. I greatly appreciate the attention that Laura, Anne and Don have given him.

Genevieve Lavallee

Toronto, Canada

Felt so comfortable with Chris in your care. He loved it and gained so much confidence and we see that every day since he returned.”

David Hatt

Kingston, Canada

Thank you for giving Duncan another memorable summer. Camp is always a highlight of Duncan’s year. From all his stories I can tell that it is very well run, with a lot of creative activities and events and a fantastic camp culture.  THANK YOU! 

Sarah Innes

Cincinnatti, USA

The Importance of a One-Month Experience

At first the thought of 4 weeks away sounded like a really long time for our “little boys” but once there it is clear why this is an essential part of the Ponacka program.  

Picture any holiday – usually a week, if you are lucky two – it takes several days to wind down at the beginning to get to enjoy time away, then several more to wind back up at the end to prepare to get back to the “real world”. Not really much time to actually enjoy and get much from the time away. Time really does fly when you are having fun. Ponacka gives the boys the gift of 4 weeks to really make the most of their experience.  Not only do they get to completely settle in, being comfortable with the routines, make their tent/cabin their home and get to really know the people around them, but they also get to truly develop new skills in activities that simply can’t get done in any shorter period of time. They have time to go on a real canoe trip into the wilderness, play a meaningful season of PHL, and earn entire swimming levels, and high level canoeing, riding and sailing levels. Most importantly though, 4 weeks gives the boys the time and space to truly develop their independence, social skills, self esteem, and make true friends for life. Our boys have both been at Ponacka for over 10 years.  We can’t imagine a better experience in their lives any other way.

Kim Morrison

Camp Doctor, 2007-2016

Kim with sons Aaron and Corey