Suns of Sphairee

Beginning in 1983, Ponacka Alumni and camper parents have been raising money to send less privileged boys to Ponacka. The boys are selected from the Big Brothers organization in Peterborough and most attend for several years.

In 2017, we celebrated our 35th year of the SOS program! At the end of the 2017 campaign, our generous alumni raised enough to send five (5) boys to camp! Ponacka offers a 25% discount.

Gordon Dunlop, a recent alumnus, is the coordinator of the Suns of Sphairee. Gordon, as coordinator, sends a yearly letter to current and prospective Ponacka donors and keeps track of all donations.

Anyone interested in contributing to this bursary fund is encouraged to write a cheque payable to: Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Peterborough or contribute via e-transfer to or via Paypal. Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Peterborough will mail you a receipt for income tax purposes.

Please consider contributing to make a huge difference in the life of a Little Brother.

To donate, mail cheque to:
Gordon Dunlop (1992-2011)
33 Astor Ave
Toronto, ON
M4G 3M1
T – (416) 668-2049