The Ponacka Mentorship Network

The Ponacka Mentorship Network aims to connect different generations of Ponackians, because as Okimau said¬†life is fleeting, yet rich, if one opens his eyes to beauty, his ears to the voice of God, and his heart to his fellow man. We believe Ponackians are a rich source of knowledge and understanding, for everything from career advice to supporting each other through¬†life’s challenges. There is value in connecting with those who have had similar experiences, and of course, “there are no strangers here, only friends we haven’t met.”

How It Works:
1. Mentors and mentees sign up, telling us about their interests and who they are.
2. We do our best to match mentors and mentees, and connect them via email.
3. The pair can communicate via email or phone and arrange to meet in person.

Questions? Please use the form below.

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