What a success! What was originally planned as a casual 6:30pm meet-up, quickly turned into a stay-til midnight laughfest! It was a huge success with the following Ponackian’s attending: Angela Wagner, Nathan George, Nick Smart, Duncan Finley, Andrew Zimcik, Al Green, Darren Miller, Neil Rimmer, Phil Calder, JD Murray and Chris Campbell. Highlights include the name tags, the tasty cheeses, surprise guest Neil Rimmer (on the one night he was in Vancouver, prior to starting his bike ride to San Francisco) and of course Finley and Zimcik’s new haircuts.

Many alumni were missed, hopefully we will see Dave Graham, Fraser McGee and the rest of the west coasters (who’s contact information has not been recently updated) at the next one.
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If you are reading this and live in the Toronto area, stay tuned for an upcoming reunion coming to a pub near you!
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